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Our Principal


Leading organizations to maximize and strengthen resources through collaboration and mutual accountability is what defines Mr. Nash Alexander, III as a leader. He has more than 20 years leading schools as a high school and middle school principal, high school assistant principal and physics teacher. An additional six (6) years as Chief Relationship Officer leading the development and execution of the strategic plans within a technology strategy firm provides a unique mixture of skill-sets to his passion of leading schools to improve the learning of students.

As the Principal of the Fulton Leadership Academy, Mr. Alexander has already established a focus for The Academy, “And how are the FLA Scholars?” Embodied within this greeting is the daily comprehensive collaborative approach operating within the professional learning community framework on behalf of all FLA Scholars. Within this greeting, every stakeholder (including our Scholars), improve the organizational culture for the effective development of graduates who know who they are, know why they are and know how to fulfill their created purpose. FLA Scholars who consistently, critically think and improve their lives as well as the communities in which they live.

FAQ's about our Principal

Q: Why did you want to be Principal of FLA?

A: It is the leading of the Holy Spirit of GOD that orchestrated my assembly with Fulton Leadership Academy as Chief Academic OfficerPrincipal. As a resident of South Fulton, I have been keenly aware of FLA since its beginnings at Friendship Community Church eight (8) years ago, as well as its transition to Washington Road and now Dodson Drive. However, it was not until recent developments of seeing how I could effectively apply my knowledge, skill-sets and resources to help the leadership stakeholders achieve The Academy’s vision. In short, the Principal role is the most appropriate position currently for me to support the parents, students, faculty, staff, Board and community with my experience.


Q: What are some of the best things about FLA?


A: Here are a few of the best things about FLA:

1.It is a divine vision given to the original Founder and its founding Board members,

2. The commitment of parents to provide their sons the opportunity to receive a unique learning experience within a unique framework of an all-male learning environment,

3. The charter school operation supportive of the mandate to do whatever is necessary to achieve academic excellence within a demographic that many have written off as only profitable through incarceration and death,

4. The commitment of the dedicated faculty and staff to operate with less and produce an unimaginable abundance,

5. FLA is still in its infancy with no limitations to what it will continue to become. It is an
exceptional gift for our generation to leave as a deposit in the earth for the next generation to continue to build men who will be excellent as they fulfill their created purpose, plan and assignment.


Q: What do you want to improve at FLA?


A:  I want to improve the culture of belief at FLA by developing the following: The belief that the challenge we have been given is beyond human capacity. The belief that the vision requires a divine empowerment within us to achieve this eternal impact. The belief that together, with each of us providing our share that is important, necessary and sufficient we can accomplish this tremendous assignment to teach young men to live a life that brings true fulfillment.


Q: Where will FLA be five years from now?


A: During the next five (5) years, FLA will be a distinguished school of excellence that is the national model of how to effectively educate young men who lead with significance throughout our communities.

More About Mr. Nash Alexander, III

Hobbies: Golfing, chess, reading, self-improvement. 


Last Book Read: John C. Maxwell's, "Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda."


Favorite Movie: "Beautiful Mind "


Favorite Life-Principle Quote: "Choices are long-lasting and life-changing.” – Mrs. Diana P. Cherry

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Our Mission

Fulton Leadership Academy is committed to a rigorous academic environment that empowers young men in grades 6-12 to become productive civic leaders. With a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and a thematic approach that integrates experiences in aeronautics, we are equipping scholars with the tools necessary to compete in a global society for college entry and careers.

Core Values

Fulton Leadership Academy teaches scholars core guiding values that shape the culture of respect at our school. We expect our scholars to be young men of purpose who show:

  • Fortitude – The ability to exercise resilience in challenging situations. We encourage scholars to display determination, endurance, self-discipline and self-control daily.

  • Leadership – Integrity, confidence, cooperation, perseverance, and selflessness. We encourage our young men to demonstrate the hallmarks of leadership.

  • Achievement – We are committed to providing a safe, orderly, and structured school environment that will promote high achievement, creativity, and overall excellence.​

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Our Superintendent


Mrs. Richardean Golden Anderson is noted as a Servant Lady of Faith, Character and Integrity. She is an award-winning educator with more than 30 years of experiences, that includes classroom instruction, curriculum development, charter school development, social work, guidance and community outreach. She is distinguished as an accomplished and dramatic facilitator and trainer in successful discipline strategies, conflict resolution, classroom management, character education and family unity workshops. Her accomplishments include: developing numerous successful mentor and parental programs addressing the needs of children and parents in disadvantaged settings. A grass root participant in a collaborative effort to create Victory Charter School- Fulton County Schools First Charter School; she served as the first Board Chairman for 3 years, and the CEO for 6 months. Under her leadership, Victory Charter experienced academic and financial successes. As a result of the collaborative partnership with the charter school, Fulton County School System supported and approved other quality charter schools.

Fulton County School System is now the largest Charter System in the country. As a former Fellow at Harvard University's “Strategic Management for Charter School Leaders”, and Director of Charter Development for the Georgia Charter Schools Association, she helped in planting the “seeds” for several existing Charter Schools in Georgia. Mrs. Golden Anderson is the Founder of Fulton Leadership Academy,the first all-male state-chartered school in Georgia. Fulton Leadership Academy was approved by Georgia Department of Education in April 2009. FLA opened in August 2010. The School  currently serves grades 6-12th.  The first graduation will occur May 2017.

About FLA

At Fulton Leadership Academy, we transform students into scholars with a rigorous academic program that sets high expectations for our young men. Our business is teaching and learning. Our college preparatory curriculum prepares our scholars for success in their pursuit of higher education. We have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus and an aviation theme that exposes our students to future careers in the sciences.


Our scholars receive skills tests weekly after each new concept is taught in core classes. We track their academic progress with each assessment. If a scholar scores an 85 percent or below on a skills assessment, our academic intervention policy alerts us to provide support and enrichment to that young man. We offer Saturday school and tutoring to help our students master the curriculum.


As a public charter school, we use creative strategies to help our young men thrive in the classroom. We have a contract with the state Department of Education to out-perform the traditional local public schools in our district. We have flexibility from restrictive state mandates over traditional schools that allow us to get creative to boost student achievement. Some of the creative strategies that we use include an extended school year, an extended school day, and single-gender education. We have smaller than average class sizes and a caring staff dedicated to helping scholars to succeed. Our mission is to help our young men "soar to greater heights."



A recent study by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement ranked Fulton Leadership Academy #1 among Fulton County middle schools in terms of improving students’ test scores (FLA also ranked at the 97th percentile in the entire state).

Another study by the Georgia Charter Schools Association ranked FLA 11th in the state on test score gains (out of 1800+ schools). FLA also scored a 95 out of 100 on the State of Georgia’s 2013 CCRPI ratings, outscoring Fulton County (77.5) and the State of Georgia (75.8), and ranking us among the top 20 middle schools in the state (out of 750+ middle schools).

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