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Greetings Parents and Scholars,

We are excited that you have decided to take advantage of the Summer Experience at Fulton Leadership Academy. The Summer Experience is designed for scholars seeking credit recovery, remediation, and enrichment. Please see below for important information regarding the dates, times, and requirements for each aspect of the program. 

Credit Recovery:

Credit Recovery will be offered from 8:00 until 11:00 Monday through Friday. Only face to face instruction will be offered. 

*Scholars who require virtual learning environments are welcome to enroll in accredited virtual learning programs. Please contact our counseling department for information on virtual summer school opportunities. FLA is not responsible for any of the costs associated with programs that are not a part of the Summer Experience. 

In order for scholars to receive course credit for the Summer Experience Credit Recovery scholars will need to meet the following requirements. If all requirements are met middle school scholars will be placed in the next grade level, high school scholars will receive a 70% on their transcript will receive credit for the course.  

Credit Recovery Requirements:

  • No more than 1 absence

  • Scholars who are miss more than 30 minutes of a course will be considered absent for the class. ( this include late arrival or early dismissal)

  • 35% growth as measured by the difference between their pre and post test scores.

    • Scholars will take a pre test on the first day of the summer experience and will take a post test at the end of the summer experience. 


Scholars are only required to be present for their assigned courses. This means that scholars who are only taking 1 course for credit recover or those who are enrolling only for enrichment may elect to attend for partial days. Please see below the tentative schedule of courses. If your scholar must be present for the full session then they are required to enroll in courses for that time period for which they plan to be in the building. Scholars must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after their last course ends.

Dates to Remember

  • June 1st Parent and Scholar Orientation

  • June 2nd Schedules Delivered

  • June 2nd Diagnostic Testing

  • June 30th Final 

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We are excited to offer a variety of our extra curricular activities during the summer enrichment program. These program allow scholars to engage in activities that stimulate their thinking and help them remain productive and motivated during the summer. Scholars are not required to participate in enrichment programs. Enrichment programs are open to scholars who are taking credit recovery as well as those who would like to attend for the enrichment program only. Scholars may enroll in up to 1 activity per week and are not required to enroll in multiple weeks. 

Schedule of Enrichment Programs

Activity Week Offered Dates

Global Leadership Weeks 1-4 06/01 - 07/02

Expose your scholars to wonders of the world as they learn new skills to improve their leadership skills. Scholars will learn German and be exposed to various cultures. At the end of the program scholars have the opportunity to travel abroad on a trip to Germany.


Toastmasters Week 1 06/01 - 06/04

Get up and speak your mind. Toastmasters is a world recognized program designed to improve public speaking skills. Scholars will explore and practice the art of rhetoric and have a great time learning to express their opinions. 

Cooking Week 2 06/07- 06/11

Cooking Club is one of the most popular programs at FLA. Scholars explore the culinary arts as they create delicious foods. Scholars get the opportunity to see how food can be healthy and great tasting while experiencing the satisfaction of making your own food. 

Team Sports Week 2 06/07- 06/12

Scholars will explore the fundamentals of baseball, soccer and other team sports to improve their athleticism andfocus on foundational skills, do team workouts and play games.


Robotics Week 3 06/14- 06/18

Scholars will build several robots and structures as they explore the robotics and engineering. At the conclusion of the week scholars will compete against other scholars using the projects they have built for robot against robot fun! Scholars interested in engineering,  Robotics,  programming, entrepreneurship, web design, graphic design and more should apply.

Book Club Week 3 06/14- 06/18

Scholars will love exploring various stories as they complete hands-on projects related to the texts they read! The only way to become a better reader is through practice so whether you are an avid reader or a struggling reader book club will make reading one of the most fun things to do this summer. Scholars interested in reading, writing, drawing,  painting, speaking and more should apply.

Arabic Week 4 06/21 - 06/25

Explore Arabic culture, cuisine, and language as you become a global citizen. Learn about one of the oldest and most diverse cultures on the globe. Scholars interested in exploring new cultures, learning language and working with people should apply.